ACG Web Application Privacy Statement

College of Engineering Administrative Computing Group (ACG)

ACG Web/Db Applications comply with the Privacy Statement for UC Berkeley Websites.

ACG Web/Db Applications include all web applications that are accessible via URLs in the following domains:,,,,

We store and provide access to data solely for the purposes of the various business functions provided by our applications. Our applications are protected by CalNet authentication and authorization that limit access to persons with an essential business need to view the data.

When you log in to any of our applications, we collect and store personal information about you. Specifically, we collect and store the following information from the CalNet directory: your first and last names, your campus email address, your CalNet UID, your campus employee ID (if any), and your campus student ID (if any). We also collect the IP address of the device that you use to access the application.

We may also store additional personal information that you provide to us. This additional information may be collected from campus systems and used to pre-fill a form in the application, or it may be entered by you into a form.

We track your usage of our applications. Whenever you submit a form in any of our applications, we save an identifier that enables us to know that it was you who submitted the form.

We may share your information with other campus units in order to support the business function of the application in question. We will not share your information with any third party except when explicitly required by law.

If you have any questions about this statement or our privacy policies, or if you would like to review or make changes to your stored information, please contact

first published 23 July 2018